The Illuminate Podcast Episode Archive

Episode 112: Carrie Addington and Daring Facilitation

What better time than the start of a new year than on some personal development! In this episode, speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach, and author/poet, Carrie Addington, shares the four skills of “Daring Facilitation” based on Brene Brown’s Daring Leadership.  As we explore vulnerability, values, trust, and failure related to facilitation, life, and work, we get … more »

Episode 110: Becca Stevens – Love Heals

Becca Stevens is an author, speaker, priest, social entrepreneur, and mom of three boys. After experiencing the death of her father and subsequent child abuse when she was five, Becca opened a residential community, which offers women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction the time, space home and community they need to heal. She founded … more »

Episode 109: Katherine Furman – Taking the Time to Appreciate Yourself

Katherine Furman is a writer and editor. She co-founded Tandem Books, a publishing studio, where she was the editorial director. She has recently moved away from that space to focus more on writing and is currently writing a novel. She has published several journals, including The Gratitude Journal for Women and Progress Not Perfection. In … more »

Episode 108: Rachelle Kuramoto and “Keeping People at the Center of Purpose”

Ready to talk about Dr. Maya Angelou, Ben and Jerry’s, and Patagonia all in one dynamite conversation? In this conversation with Rachelle Kuramoto, a brand and content guru who is committed to “bring out the best in other people” through brand development, innovation, and leadership, we explore how to tell your story, why it is … more »

Episode 107: Book Club with The Illuminate Podcast

Hi friends! In this episode of the Illuminate Podcast your hosts are bringing you a book club discussion on the book “Educated” by Tara Westover. We are really excited to bring you this monthly book club series that will be published on our new patreon page and wanted to give you a taste of it … more »

Episode 106: Ellie Sanazaro- Image Bearer

In 2016, Ellie’s world was forever changed when her daughter was born without the chromosomal disorder doctors had told her to expect. When her second daughter was 6 months old, Ellie and her husband began the adoption process to adopt a child with Down syndrome. A little while later, they adopted their son, Finn, who … more »


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