Episode 115: Sara Miller – The power of mentorship

Sara Miller is an education advocate and has spent the majority of her career serving high school kids as they apply to college. She worked in the admissions department for Purdue University for five years before shifting to working for a tutoring company. She now works for Green Halo Scholars and that tutoring company is one of the community partners for the nonprofit organization!

Sara now serves as the Program Director for Green Halo Scholars. Green Halo Scholars was founded by two women who saw a need for college access programming for first-generation and low-income high school seniors in the western suburbs of Chicago. Over four years, they’ve grown from a homegrown operation helping a handful of students to having Sara on staff. They now serve a class of about 30 scholars with the support of 20 volunteer mentors. 

In this episode, Sara and I discuss the power of mentorship, what makes a college application stand out and the impact the team at Green Halo is making for the students they serve!

This episode is hosted by Lindsey Hein

Show Notes:

Green Halo Scholars

Book Recommendation:

The Truth about College Admissions – Brennan Bernard & Rick Clark

Person or Organization to Illuminate:

Tori Totlis – Women’s Golf Advocate


Ana Luisa


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