The Illuminate Podcast Episode Archive

Episode 99: Dr. Bertice Berry – “When You Walk With Purpose, You Find Destiny” 

Sociologist, Dr. Bertice Berry, is an innovative storyteller, story curator, community builder, author, lecturer, and more! At 26, Berry completed her Ph.D. and started her career as a professor, but by showing up every day, “walking with purpose” she “collided with destiny” and become an award-winning entertainer, lecturer, and comedienne – including winning the coveted … more »

Episode 96: Sara Fenton – Empowering Young Girls

Sara Fenton is on the podcast today to talk all about Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest! Sara is the Southwest Washington Programs Manager for Girls Inc. This is a nonprofit organization that is working to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. They provide life-changing programs and experiences for youth ages 6-18 … more »

Episode 94: TinaMarie Hernandez – Imagine the Possibilities

TinaMarie Hernandez is the Executive Director of Diveheart;  a non-profit organization that provides and supports educational SCUBA diving, surface supplies gas (SSG), snorkeling and related experience programs which are open to any child, adult and veteran with a disability; with the hope of providing both physical and psychological therapeutic value to that person, while building … more »


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