The Illuminate Podcast Episode Archive

Episode 88: Sasha Wolff- Running for Mental Health

Sasha Wolff is the founder of Still I Run. Still I Run is a community where people can share their experience of dealing with depression/anxiety etc. through running or any other type of physical activity. We encourage one another to take time out of our busy lives to run for our mental health. Through various programs we … more »

Episode 87: Ivy Lawson- Becoming an Entreprenuer

Ivy Lawson is the founder and owner of Logwood Company and Ivyees “Everything Honey”. Ivyees “Everything Honey” produces honey based health and beauty products, toothpaste, condiments, as well as their delicious honey.  Before starting her own company, Ivy spent nearly 2 decades in the corporate world before seeking out her true passions and becoming an … more »

Episode 86: Jolene Hart – Beauty is Wellness

This week’s guest, Jolene Hart, is a holistic wellness expert. She coaches women on nutritional strategies to prevent and treat beauty concerns from acne to weight gain and aging, and educates consumers about natural beauty products through her company, Beauty Is Wellness. Jolene is a former magazine beauty editor and journalist. She shares her journey … more »

Episode 85: Sarah Emerson – Look for Opportunities to Pay it Forward

Sarah Emerson was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017 and documented her journey in a really beautiful and authentic way. She shared the hard but she also shared positive inspiration to others who are struggling. While Sarah was walking through her treatments, her neighbors stepped up to help her in a really beautiful way – … more »

Episode 84: Gaby Rodriguez- Building Community to Take Action for Gender Equity

Gaby Rodriguez is a certified gender professional, Venezuelan lawyer, and social economy specialist. She is also the founder and chair of the Amazona Foundation where she hosts monthly events to build community around gender equality, raises awareness about gender equality, and advises other clients on the creation and implementation of their gender, diversity, and inclusion … more »

Episode 83: Mary Grove – Empowerment and Community Building through Entrepreneurship

Mary Grove is an entrepreneur, community-builder, mom of twins and Managing Partner of Bread and Butter Ventures. In today’s episode, you’ll hear about Mary’s remarkable career, inspired by her parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Thailand. Mary began her career at Google working on the Google IPO and later as the founding director of … more »


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