The Illuminate Podcast Episode Archive

Episode 30: Fred & Milton Ochieng – Humanity, Community and a Father’s Dream

Episode 30: Fred & Milton Ochieng – Humanity, Community and a Father’s Dream Today’s episode will take you to a community in rural Kenya and tells a story of struggle and despair turned to hope. You will hear the amazing journey of Fred and Milton Ochieng. Who came from a community in Kenya called, Lwala, … more »

Episode 29: Chrissy Vasquez – Breaking Down Barriers

Chrissy Vasquez is the kind of person who will be ready and willing to help even when it may be inconvenient and uncomfortable. She is an advocate who those who most vulnerable and in this episode we talk about loosing the stigma around illiteracy, depression and other mental health issues. Chrissy is the Chief Development … more »

Episode 28: Ashley Mitchell- Advocating for Birth Mothers

This week we are talking with Ashley Mitchell. She is the owner of Big Tough Girl,  Founder + Executive Director of Lifetime Healing Foundation and co-host of the podcast Twisted Sisterhood. She has set out to seek increased care, understanding, and resources for birth mothers.  Ashley is a birth mother herself, placing her now 13 … more »

Episode 27: Maria Baer- Organize Your Everyday

We are almost through February which means spring is around the corner! For many of us, spring means warmer weather! No matter where you live, though, spring also often means a fresh start. If spring cleaning is on your to-do list, today’s episode is for you! And even if spring cleaning is the furthest thing … more »

Episode 26: Kim Holden – Taking Birth Back

What do architecture and birth have in common? For one, in both cases you can design an experience. But in this case, it’s this week’s guest, Kim Holden! Kim was a founding principal of the world-renowned architecture firm SHoP. After more than 25 years of design and of cultivating and fostering the culture of the firm, … more »


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