Episode 44: The Muzaffar Sisters – Owning this Moment

Episode 44: The Muzaffar Sisters – Owning This Moment

This week’s Illuminate Podcast guests are three sisters – Amal, Zainab and Mariam Muzaffar. COVID-19 has devastated the world, but it has also brought some positivity to communities. The Muzaffar sisters are the perfect example of this positivity. They were raised in New York and decided to own this moment to give back to the New York community. They did this through fundraising and working with a supplier to bring personal protective equipment (PPE) to the hospitals around New York, when it was desperately needed and by working with a local food bank to address the hunger crisis. These sisters also started a lifestyle clothing brand called Beautiful And Delicious where they are designing clothing for the everyday woman that can transition from work to play to the gym. But the brand is so much more that – it has brought together a community helping empower women to be the best version of themselves and own their moment.

In the episode you’ll hear from all three sisters. Zainab is the Founder and CEO of Beautiful And Delicious. She is often laughing at her own jokes, singing loudly to 90s hip-hop, or working on her hook in the boxing gym! Mariam is the Managing Director of a brand consulting agency in NYC. She feels most at home, getting lost in the adventures of her characters’ in the novels she’s writing. Amal is a Product Manager on the AI team at Facebook where she owns the machine learning strategy for video. She loves to stay active in her community and spends her free time dancing, reading, or learning something new.

This conversation will make your day and make you wish you could have dinner with these ladies!

This episode is hosted by Kristin Srour.

Show Notes:

Beautiful and Delicious

Rising Strong by Brene Brown

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Educated by Tara Westover

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