Episode 43: Eileen Moskowitz Palma- Using your Gifts for Good

Today’s guest on the podcast is Eileen Moskowitz Palma.  Eileen was a teacher for many years until facing a life threatening condition, HELLP Syndrome, while pregnant with her daughter. After that, she faced auto-immune disorders that forced her to give up teaching. Leaving her teaching career lead her to begin working on her other life dream, becoming an author. Eileen has recently published the first of her two book series, Camp Clique, and was prepared to go on a book tour with many school visit stops on the way. When the shut downs began all of those plans were cancelled. She got creative to keep her mind busy and get through these disappointments and created virtual writing workshops to help parents that are homeschooling unexpectedly during these times. She has helped kids find their passion for writing and grow in their creativity while sharing their emotions during these times. Eileen will be releasing the second book of her series, School Squad, in October, 2020.

Throughout this episode, you will hear how Eileen has had many times in her life that she had to change her dreams and passions. This conversation is inspiring to see how she takes these setbacks and turns them into new goals, passions, and exciting new things. We can all learn from Eileen during these times where all of our plans are changing.

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.


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