Episode 52: Elizabeth Friedland – In the Arena as a Foster & Adoptive (Single) Mom

Today’s guest is an 11-time mom. Elizabeth Friedland has been a foster mom to 11 children. One of her foster children became Elizabeth’s adoptive child. In this episode Elizabeth talks about what it has been like to be a single woman fostering children and the journey to adopting her son, Jack, in an open adoption. Elizabeth dives into the joys, challenges and realities of fostering, where there are challenges with the system, why she has decided to take this path and her advise for anyone considering fostering.

Elizabeth’s optimism, energy and humor are contagious and uplifting. She is a believer and builder of community. And her outlook on life is that we are here to help others and we all need to try to impact other people’s lives for the better.

You will leave this episode refreshed, with new knowledge on foster care and thinking about what you are doing for your corner of the world to make it better and to get “in the arena.”

This episode is hosted by Kristin Srour

Show Notes:

Foster moms mentioned by Elizabeth:


Brianna Claassen

Meghan Lauer

Book recommendation:

To The End of June

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