Episode 53: Blu Robinson- Turning the Mess of Addiction into the Message of Sobriety through Addict II Athlete

Blu Robinson is the founder of Addict II Athlete as well as a mental health counselor. Blu struggled with addiction early on in his life but when he found a passion for mountain biking he found the power in replacing his addiction with a new love and passion for endurance sports and the Wasatch Mountains. He shares that he found himself “erasing addiction and replacing it with a more excellent way of life.”

Blu became a therapist working with people struggling with addiction and found that some of his clients were not getting what they needed out of the traditional 12-step program so he started the free community group, Addict II Athlete. Addict II Athlete is a non-profit organization that helps individuals struggling with addiction to replace their addiction with things of greater value while maintaining sobriety. Addict to Athlete hosts group runs, practices and races to help individuals pour their energy into something other than their addiction. They offer free community support groups, online support and resources, service projects, races and events and personal training.

In this episode, Blu shares about his own journey through addiction and how he established sobriety, starting Addict II Athlete, their mission through their running and community service projects, some stories about athletes that he has worked with, and so much more!

Addict II Athlete is putting on a virtual race during the month of September for National Recovery Month. You can enter to win an entry to the race through The Illuminate Podcast by leaving a rating and review for The Illuminate Podcast and/or subscribing to the show and emailing a screenshot of it to emma@sandyboyproductions.com.


This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

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