Episode 106: Ellie Sanazaro- Image Bearer

In 2016, Ellie’s world was forever changed when her daughter was born without the chromosomal disorder doctors had told her to expect. When her second daughter was 6 months old, Ellie and her husband began the adoption process to adopt a child with Down syndrome. A little while later, they adopted their son, Finn, who has Down syndrome.

Ellie now has written the children’s book, Image Bearer which is a Christian children’s book that celebrates differences and spreads the message that every child is an image bearer. The characters in the book are inspired by children with disabilities that Ellie has gotten to know.

In this episode, Ellie talks about the adoption process, what life is like with Finn and her two daughters, teaching kids about people with disabilities, and so much more!

Photo credit: @sweetsmilesbysarahmichelle

What we talked about:

3:10- Ellie’s book Image Bearer and the inspiration behind it

5:00- Ellie’s first pregnancy

8:25- What came next after finding out her daughter didn’t have the extra challenges that they thought she would

9:10- The different feelings that she had during her pregnancy after finding out that her daughter was supposed to be born with special needs

11:40- The process of adopting her son Finn, a baby with Down syndrome

22:15- Meeting Finn’s birth parents

23:45- The experience of being in the NICU with Finn after he was born

26:50- What life is like with Finn and her two girls now

28:50- The biggest surprise of raising a child with Down syndrome

33:30- Finn’s sleeping schedule

36:35- Teaching your kids about people with disabilities

39:15- Thoughts on the friendships that Finn will form

43:50- Who the characters in the book are based on

45:30- The self-publishing process for her book

47:15- End of podcast questions

Connect with Ellie:

Ellie on Instagram

Finn on Instagram

Image Bearer Book Website

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