Episode 125: Ericka Andersen – Alcohol, Faith, and Church

My sister, Ericka, is on the show today! Ericka was first on the show back in 2021 for episode 36 where she talked about her sobriety journey. She has now been sober for 2.5 years so we get an update on that journey in this episode. She is a freelance writer, a podcaster, author, and … more »

Episode 122: Julie Bogart – Curiosity Leading the Way

Julie Bogart is back on the show today! Julie Bogart has a book called Raising Critical Thinkers. Julie is the creator and owner of Brave Writer, an online writing and language arts program. In this episode, we talk about what happens when our hopes and dreams for our kids do not align with their hopes and … more »

Episode 119: Lisa Andersen – Hard but Helpful Truths

Lisa Andersen is the mother of five. She is also the founder of Drawers Co. which is a color coded clothing for kids, specifically underwear. The sizes are indicated by color. Lisa’s Instagram is @thrivingmotherhood and she is such an encourager over there! One of the messages that I love over on Lisa’s Instagram is … more »

Episode 113: Ali Flynn – Managing Expectations Over the Holidays

Ali Flynn is a writer and supporter specifically for moms of teens. She provides encouragement and inspiration for them. She has four daughters, two who are in college and two which are at home. We talk about adjusting our expectations when our kids are home from college, transitioning to raising older kids, parenting teenage girls, … more »


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