Episode 111: Yael Schonbrun – Your Relationship With Your Partner After Kids

Yael is a returning guest on the show. She was on the show back in August on episode 99. In that episode, we talked about what it is like to thrive in work, parenting, relationships, stress management, and how we can plan to focus on the things that really matter to us.

Today, we dive deep into relationships and how we can learn to parent with our significant other and still enjoy being around them. In this conversation, Yael breaks down how we can grow in the connect in the good, the bad, and the downright infuriating.

Yael Schonbrun, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, assistant professor at Brown University, co-host of Psychologists Off the Clock: A podcast about the science and practice of living well, and mother of three. Yael’s work draws on scientific research, her clinical experience, ancient wisdom, and her own personal experience with her three little boys. 

Yael is the author of the new book called Work, Parent, Thrive. It has twelve science backed strategies to ditch guilt, manage overwhelm, and grow connection (when everything feels like too much).

What we talked about:

3:50- Pouring into your relationships at home amidst the busy

5:50- Balancing her work with what she has going on in her own life 

8:00- Appreciating the differences between you and your partner

10:15- Scheduling in time for you and your partner

14:35- Talking about marital problems with your friend groups

17:30- Toxic positivity

26:40- Communicating about mortality with kids

28:35- Struggles in relationships with kids

32:05- Division of responsibilities with kids

45:00- Managing flexible schedules

53:20- Last message 

Show notes:

Toxic Positivity

Four Thousand Weeks

The Fair Play Deck

Love Your Enemies

Work, Parent, Thrive

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