Episode 125: Ericka Andersen – Alcohol, Faith, and Church

My sister, Ericka, is on the show today! Ericka was first on the show back in 2021 for episode 36 where she talked about her sobriety journey. She has now been sober for 2.5 years so we get an update on that journey in this episode.

She is a freelance writer, a podcaster, author, and a mom of two. She lives in Indianapolis. She has been published in the Wallstreet Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. She also has a business called Pitch and Publish where she teaches people how to get published. She has published two books – Leaving Cloud 9 and Reason to Return.

In this episode, we talk about our upbringing and how that has forged our life, how that foundation from our childhood was very important, and our faith journey.

What we talked about:

4:00- Ericka’s sobriety

16:20- The foundation of how you were raised

23:40- A conversation on faith

47:15- Ericka’s work and freelance writing

Show notes:

Pitch and Publish Website

Ericka’s Website

Ericka on Instagram

Confronting Christianity

I Don’t Have Enough to Be an Atheist

Cold Case Christianity

The Case for Christ

All My Knotted-Up Life

Reason to Return

Leaving Cloud 9

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