Episode 113: Ali Flynn – Managing Expectations Over the Holidays

Ali Flynn is a writer and supporter specifically for moms of teens. She provides encouragement and inspiration for them. She has four daughters, two who are in college and two which are at home.

We talk about adjusting our expectations when our kids are home from college, transitioning to raising older kids, parenting teenage girls, and more!

Photo credit: Amy Drucker Photography 

What we talked about:

4:45- Introduction to Ali and her family

7:20- Showing our kids who we are outside of being their mom

11:10- Transitioning to raising older kids

16:30- Letting go of expectations when your kids come home from college

20:15- Being a welcoming house for your kids and their friends

26:40- Her online presence

33:05- Looking ahead to being an empty nester

38:45- Advice to moms with girls entering the teenage years

42:55- Social media with her kids

52:35- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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