Episode 162 – Pattiejean McTernan – Keeping Life Yummy with Ayurveda

In this episode, we are talking with Pattiejean McTernan – a practitioner and student of Ayurveda. In our conversation, we discuss what Ayurveda is, how it can be incorporated in our everyday lives and the power it holds to start to shift our lives into one of ease. Pattiejean brings a wealth of knowledge and … more »

Episode 143: Mary Van Geffen – Raising Spicy Kids

Mary Van Geffen is the international parenting coach for moms of Spicy OnesTM️. She helpspeople who are highly competent in life but overwhelmed by motherhood to lean into thespiritual discipline of staying calm and cultivating warmth and tenderness all while trying towrangle fiery future CEOs. Often this requires serious skill-building and the balm ofself-compassion. Mary … more »

Introducing Relay Media Bundle!

BIG announcement! 📣 I am so excited to join an incredible group of humans who are all passionate about the running community. Relay is a collection of some of the best content creators and athletes in running coming together to put out the most creative and collaborative running content on the internet. In the Relay … more »

Episode 111: Neelab Youshazi – Appreciating Light

Today’s guest is Neelab Yousafzai. Neelab was born in Afghanistan and shares what life was like under the Taliban rule for her family and as a woman. Neelab and her family (which includes 6 kids!) fled the Taliban, eventually making their way to the US. She shares of the harrowing journey, not only of escaping … more »


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