Introducing Relay Media Bundle!

BIG announcement! 📣 I am so excited to join an incredible group of humans who are all passionate about the running community. Relay is a collection of some of the best content creators and athletes in running coming together to put out the most creative and collaborative running content on the internet. In the Relay … more »

Episode 111: Neelab Youshazi – Appreciating Light

Today’s guest is Neelab Yousafzai. Neelab was born in Afghanistan and shares what life was like under the Taliban rule for her family and as a woman. Neelab and her family (which includes 6 kids!) fled the Taliban, eventually making their way to the US. She shares of the harrowing journey, not only of escaping … more »

Episode 105: Dr. JB – Combating burnout among healthcare professionals

Dr. JB is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who recently started Hope4Med, a private membership company to combat burnout among healthcare professionals. Through her YouTube channel and podcast, she seeks to educate anyone who has visited or may visit an emergency room for themselves or a loved one – helping to illuminate the lives of … more »

Episode 58: Wendy Snyder – Sibling Rivalry

Wendy Snyder is a returning guest of the show! She is on today to talk about sibling rivalry. Wendy is a parenting coach. She inspires parents to learn and grow and she leads with connection based strategies. She is the creator of the Firm and Kind Parenting Blueprint. She has an amazing online community called … more »


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