Episode 119: Lisa Andersen – Hard but Helpful Truths

Lisa Andersen is the mother of five. She is also the founder of Drawers Co. which is a color coded clothing for kids, specifically underwear. The sizes are indicated by color. Lisa’s Instagram is @thrivingmotherhood and she is such an encourager over there! One of the messages that I love over on Lisa’s Instagram is … more »

Episode 79: Amy Arnold and Jessica Stanley – Connection and Friendship

Amy Arnold and Jessica Stanley are my guests today. They founded the company, Card My Yard. They founded the business with the simple goal of serving families and making a positive impact in the community with their small business. Over the past several years, they have turned this into a major franchise. They have over … more »

Episode 64: Amanda Knapp; Sitting Made Simple

Amanda Knapp is the founder and CEO of Sitting Made Simple. Amanda started her career as a nanny right out of high school in 1999. Over time, as her nanny career evolved and changed and she moved, she lived in Columbus, Ohio and realized that there was a huge need for childcare. That is where … more »


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