Episode 431: Jessica Watychowicz – Twin Cities Marathon Champion – Competitive Running and Starting her own Company

Jessica Watychowicz recently won the Twin Cities Marathon in a time of 2:33. She is having a really great season of running this year! She partners with Tracksmith. Jessica ran for the Parkside Rangers in college. She is a two-time Olympic Trials Qualifier in the marathon for 2020 and 2024. She also ran in the 10k in the Olympic Trials in 2021 and she shares about that experience in this episode!

Jessica also owns her own company. She is the media director at PeakSide Media. In this episode, we talk a lot about running but we also dive into what she does for work and how she started her company.

Photo credit: Zak Smith

What we talked about:

3:40- Recapping the Twin Cities Marathon

8:20- Her coach

9:45- Goals going into the Twin Cities Marathon

10:45- How the race played out

13:15- Her media company

20:25- Her journey to finding running

30:25- Being an entrepreneur

33:25- Balancing her career and running goals

36:10- Running for Tracksmith

37:00- Goals on the track

40:10- Message to anyone facing setbacks in running

41:20- End of podcast questions

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