Episode 390: Cortney White – Photographer of Project Eclipse Capturing Movement and Emotion

Cortney White is a photographer. She loves capturing movement and emotion and loves being outdoors. Cortney has worked with so many brands and publications including Coros, Columbia, Lululemon, The NY Times, Women’s Running, Women’s Health, The Bowerman Track Club. Recently, she photographed Shalane Flanagan and Adrianne Haslet. She also had the opportunity to travel around the world with Shalane for her World Marathon Major tour in 2021.

What we talked about:

3:10- Photographing Adrianne Haslet run the Boston Marathon

4:35- Her path to becoming a photographer

13:55- How Cortney is perceived

21:25- Project Eclipse

24:55- Being mindful when capturing photos

29:10- The most special moment of Project Eclipse

30:20- Her own running journey

38:25- Getting the Project Eclipse job

40:20- Her decision to move

48:35- Running her own photography business

55:45- Athletes having rights to an image

1:00:55- Cortney’s next project

1:02:55- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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