REPOST Episode 161 – (Tony Award Winner for Best Musical, “The Outsiders”) Producer Cristina Vivenzio and From Idea to Broadway!

With the 77th Tonys airing last night, we couldn’t be more stoked for recent Illuminate guest, Cristina Vivenzio, a producer whose show just won the Tony for Best Musical (and Best Director and Best Lighting Design)! Not just any show, this one is based off of the well loved and still taught book, “The Outsiders.” If you haven’t downloaded the cast album, my fav song is “Great Expectations,” but you’ll love the entire set, so do that right after listening to the rebroadcast of this awesome conversation. 

In this episode, Cristina shares how an idea goes from thought to a stage on Broadway…one of the many ways this dream can become a reality. Along the way, Cristina shares tips, encouragement, and just a lot of cool insight for what is looking like the next big show in NYC! 

This episode was hosted by Emmy (@dremmyb).

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