Episode 509: Aliphine Tuliamuk – 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials Champion on Motherhood and her Training Leading into the Olympic Marathon Trials

I’m so excited to bring you the returning champion from the 2020 Olympic Marathon trials! It’s race week and I am so excited to chat with Aliphine ahead of the race!

Aliphine won the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2020 and went on to have her first child in January of 2021. Over the past couple of years since the Olympic Trials and the Olympics, she has run several PRs. In 2022, she ran a PR at the NYC Marathon and placed 7th. This was her first time placing top 10 in a World Marathon Major. She ran 2:26:18 at that race. This past spring at the Boston Marathon, she was 11th and ran 2:24:37.

In this episode, she talks about what it feels like going into this race being the returning champion, what her build looked like, and how her perspective has shifted since becoming a mother and racing and training.

I hope you enjoy hearing from Aliphine. Can’t wait to cheer Aliphine on on Saturday!

What we talked about:

3:00- Catching up with Aliphine

4:00- What her training leading up to the trials has looked like

9:20- Reflecting on 2020

10:30- Her mindset heading into the trials on Saturday

14:05- Her perspective shift since becoming a mom

19:50- Her final thoughts heading into the race

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