Episode 165 – Ayden Behn and fun with playlists

In honor of SCAD graduation, this week we bring you senior and soon to be grad, Ayden Behn! In this conversation, we talk through how Ayden approaches new albums (like the Arianna Grande album from earlier this year) and then we dive into playlists, music, and more! This episode makes me fall even more in … more »

Episode 148 – Dr. Tina Kay Bailey – Integrated Living

Dr. Tina Bailey is a certified Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts therapist, body coach, visual performing artist, an ordained minister and endorsed Chaplain working cross-culturally. She was born in Savannah and grew up in Springfield, GA. Her own life experience as a survivor of Septic shock, Graves Disease, and Melanoma among several other things related to a life … more »

Episode 130: “Issues in your Tissues” – Chiro, PT, and so much more with Dr. Kurt Barnhill & Dr. Chelsea Hollingsworth-Barnhill

Issues in your tissues? Let’s talk Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, and more with entrepreneur (and killer athletes) Dr. Kurt Barnhill and Dr. Chelsea Hollingsworth-Barnhill.  This episode not only walks you through the basics of chiropractic care and physical therapy, including explanations of ART, Graston, Taping, and more – it shares the story of starting a … more »


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