Episode 443: Catching up with Sara Vaughn – Vaughn Childcare Fund and Heading to Boston

Sara Vaughn is back on the show for the fifth time!

Sara is a 1500m runner turned marathoner. She is the mom of four and a full time realtor. She ran her third marathon this past fall at the Chicago Marathon where she placed 7th in a time of 2:26:23. She recently announced that she will be running the Boston Marathon this Spring.

Sara just launched the Vaughn Childcare Fund to provide support for parenting undergraduate student-athletes. One of the big parts of Sara’s story is that she had her first baby while she was a junior in college as a student-athlete and she did not have a lot of resources herself so she has made it her mission to help provide people in similar situations with resources.

As the NCAA slowly adapts to include parents in their mission of education, inclusiveness, and well-being, they are still a highly underserved population. So Sara’s new project is going to help to fill that gap with financial support for childcare, mentorship, policy writing, and policy adoption.

What we talked about:

4:20- Catching up with Sara

8:45- Running an indoor track race with her daughter

11:15- Her experience being pregnant as a student athlete

16:50- What her support system looked like 

22:15- Vaughn Childcare Fund

27:30- Being pregnant in college

30:50- How we can help with this new endeavor

37:05- Mentorship

40:30- Advice for anyone pregnant in college

44:30- Running the Boston Marathon

52:00- PUMA

Show notes:

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Vaughn Childcare Fund on Instagram

Vaughn Childcare Fund Website

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