Episode 349: Sara Vaughn – Marathon Debut at CIM

Sara Vaughn is a returning guest to the show! She was first on the show on episode 283 if you want to go back and learn more about her. She also was on episode 302 with Steph Bruce and Alysia Montano to talk about motherhood and running on a panel that we did with the Donna Foundation.

If you don’t know Sara, she is a full time realtor, running at a very high level, and is the mom of four. In 2017, she made Team USA in the 1500m after having her third baby. She ran in the Olympic Trials this summer in the steeplechase. She is about to debut her marathon at CIM in December and I am so excited to cheer for her!

In this episode, we hear about how her training has changed, her debut in the half marathon this summer, and what she thinks that she can do for this debut marathon!

I love talking to Sara and she is just so inspiring to me!

What we talked about:

4:20- Catching up with Sara

5:10- Why Sara decided to run the marathon and what her training looks like

12:20- Plans to return to the track in the spring

14:50- Racing the half marathon

19:25- How she feels heading into the race

20:40- Her nutrition plan for the marathon

23:00- The CIM course

25:50- Boulder Underground

27:15- What she is most excited about racing a marathon

28:30- How Sara found peace in resting from running

36:20- Marriage advice

39:15- Her partnership with &Mother

Show notes:

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Sara on Episode 283

Sara on Episode 302

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