Episode 99: Dr. Bertice Berry – “When You Walk With Purpose, You Find Destiny” 

Sociologist, Dr. Bertice Berry, is an innovative storyteller, story curator, community builder, author, lecturer, and more! At 26, Berry completed her Ph.D. and started her career as a professor, but by showing up every day, “walking with purpose” she “collided with destiny” and become an award-winning entertainer, lecturer, and comedienne – including winning the coveted national Comedian of the Year Award. Through learning her best routine to show up every day, she created a niche as both a gifted speaker with a comic edge and a comic with a serious message.

In this episode, Dr. Berry shares the power of routine, sharing the story, and showing up in the day-to-day can and will create the space for you to collide with you destiny – of which there are many!

This episode is hosted by Dr. Emmy Burch.

Show notes:


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