Episode 433: Sharon Lokedi – 2022 NYC Marathon Champion

Sharon Lokedi recently won the NYC Marathon. This was her debut marathon and she ran 2:23:23. Sharon is a part of the Dark Sky Distance training group in Flagstaff, Arizona coached by Stephen Haas. She also trains in Kenya. She went to the University of Kansas where she was an NCAA Champion and a 10-time All American. She runs professionally for Under Armor.

In this episode, we chat about her race at the NYC Marathon and what the race meant to her, her history with running, her training group, and more!

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What we talked about:

3:30- Updates from Sharon coming off of the NYC Marathon

5:25- Being back in Kenya with her family

8:45- The running community growing up

12:35- Running for Kansas

14:30- How she met her fiancé, Edward Cheserek

16:20- Her training group and training in Flagstaff and Kenya

23:00- The decision to run the marathon

24:15- Goals going into the NYC Marathon

26:00- Recapping the race

30:25- Emotions after crossing the finish line

33:45- Under Armour shoes

37:55- Accomplishing such a big goal of winning the NYC Marathon

40:45- Sharon’s big goals

44:40- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Sharon on Instagram

Sharon’s coach, Stephen Haas, on episode 386

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