Episode 386: Stephen Haas – Head Coach and Founder of Dark Sky Distance and Agent at Total Sports

Stephen Haas is an agent and the Director of Operations for Total Sports. He is also the head coach and founder of Dark Sky Distance sponsored by Under Armour. Before diving into being an agent and a coach himself, he was a professional runner and was represented by Total Sports. He ran for Indiana University where he was a 3x All American. He also ran in the 2008 Olympic Trials in the 10,000m and the 2012 Olympic Trials in the marathon. He is an agent for many pro runners including Olympic Bronze Medalist Molly Seidel.

In this episode, we learn about the agent and coaching side of things and we get an update on what is going on with the Dark Sky Distance team.

What we talked about:

4:00- Introduction to Stephen

9:25- Stephen’s relationship with Total Sports as an athlete and how he transitioned into working as an agent for them

18:20- What he looks for in athletes that he is going to sign

23:15- The structure of his job as a coach and agent

25:45- Update on Dark Sky Distance

33:30- Importance of social media for contracts

41:35- Dreams for Dark Sky Distance

43:00- Creating a fun environment at Dark Sky Distance

44:45- What his running looks like these days

48:10- Balancing being an agent and a coach

49:20- End of podcast questions

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Total Sports Website

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