Nutrition Series Episode 1: Anna Turner – Hydration and Electrolytes with a Sports Dietitian (IHA Episode 391)

Anna Turner joins us for the first episode of a six part nutrition series! Anna is a sports dietitian. She has been on the show in the past on three episodes: episode 218, episode 237, and episode 265. She is a nutrition coach for endurance athletes. I have had several athletes that I work with that I coach for marathons work with Anna and they have seen great results in their training and racing. Anna is super passionate about hydration so we are talking all things hydration in this episode! We talk about hydration for pre, during, and post run as well as all things electrolytes, why sodium is important and how much you need, and things that you can do to make sure that you are getting what you need in terms of hydration and electrolytes. 

I hope that you walk away from this episode feeling empowered to properly hydrate yourself and properly get the right amount of electrolytes into your body so you can execute and feel good on your runs and in your races. 

What we talked about:

6:10- Why Anna is passionate about hydration

8:45- Importance of hydration for recovery

10:55- Why hydration is important and how it affects your performance

20:45- Planned drinking versus drinking to thirst

23:40- When you need to plan your drinking on a run

29:00- Timeline of hydration for pre, during and post run

31:50- Benefits of a sweat tester

35:00- Hydration recommendations for a medium sweater

38:40- Electrolytes to focus on with hydration

42:45- Leg cramps

Show notes:

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