Episode 218: Anna Turner, Sports Dietitian with St. Vincent Sports Performance

Anna Turner is a Sport Dietitian with St. Vincent Sport Performance and I am so excited to learn from her with you all!

Anna works with a variety of teams and clients including Butler men’s and women’s basketball, the Indiana Fever and help out with the Colts. Her goal is that every athlete have the basics of sports nutrition available to them in order to leverage their athletic ability. She says “It’s amazing what nutrition knowledge can do for an athlete and it’s so fun to watch that athlete transform.”

In this episode we talk broadly about nutrition for runners but we also talk about the importance of running coaches working WITH sports dietitians to teach and guide their athletes in the most healthy way possible.

Anna is also a new Mom and a competitive triathlete and cyclist. Anna is a wealth of knowledge and I’m thankful to know her- enjoy our conversation! Tomorrow you will hear from Dr. Joel Kary!

Show Notes: 

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St. Vincent Sports Performance

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