Episode 347: Emily Durgin – Catching up on her big year of racing and new sponsor!

Emily Durgin is back on the show today! She was first on the show in the summer of 2020 on Episode 274. If you want to get an introduction to Emily and her running, go check out that episode! So much has changed in her life since we first talked! When we first talked, she had recently announced that she joined the Under Armour Dark Sky Distance team in Flagstaff and she had really just begun taking her professional running to the next level!

This past summer, in 2021, she had a big year! First she placed 9th at the Olympic Trials in the 10,000m against a stacked field. Then she placed in the top 3 at a US Road Championships four times! She placed 2nd at the Peachtree Road Race in a time of 31:49 for the 10k. She also ran a big half marathon PR where she ran 69:49. 

Emily also switched sponsors from Under Armour to Adidas along with switching coaches and we get to hear all about those decisions in this episode!

This was such a big year for Emily and it was so much fun to catch up with her on this episode and hear all that she has been up to!

What we talked about:

4:45- Catching up with Emily

6:10- Why Emily switched sponsors to Adidas

9:20- Update on Dark Sky Distance

14:05- Emily’s thoughts on the new shoe technology

17:30- Emily’s summer of racing

20:45- Training with Allie Kieffer

29:00- Emily’s decision to switch coaches

31:35- Her plans to move up in distance

37:50- Marathons that she would love to run as a debut

44:55- What Emily is most proud of from her summer of racing

47:05- Emily’s decision to take the fall off of racing

48:35- Listening to your body in training

52:15- What is exciting her in life right now

58:50- Wrap-up questions

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