Episode 274: Emily Durgin – Dark Sky Distance Under Armour

Emily Durgin is a part of the recently announced Under Armour Dark Sky Distance team in Flagstaff! She ran for the University of Connecticut where she majored in journalism and communications.  Post college she spent some time with the New Balance Development group in Boston while nannying full time.

During her time with New Balance Boston she lowered her 10K time, came in second at the Falmouth Road Race and was fifth in the U.S. 5K championship. Soon after she was approached by Stephan Haas from Total Sports Management and landed with a contract with Under Armour out in Flagstaff with this new distance team. The team is coached by both Stephen Haas and Shayla Houlihan. You heard from Shayla on this podcast in episode 270! Emily focuses on the 10k, and recently ran her first half marathon in 72 minutes, taking that time down by a minute just two weeks later to 71 minutes. Long term she does have her sites set on the marathon as well.

Emily’s career is in it’s infancy and the sky is the limit – it is so exciting to see what is ahead for her. We also learn about her first love of dancing, what she’s watching and most recently details on the Sunset Track Meet she competed in.

Photo Cred: Evan Barnes

What we talked about:

5:30- Emily’s recent races in California

10:30- Introduction to who Emily Durgin is and how she started running

16:00- Her passion for journalism

19:45- Deciding to run professional and the process of finding a sponsor and group post collegiately

28:50- Being able to train full time now without a part time job on the side and the positive effects it has had on her physically and mentally

31:20- What she likes to do outside of running

37:00- The decision to move to Flagstaff and train with Dark Sky Distance

40:10- Being sponsored by Under Armour and what she loves about working with them

44:30- Emily’s transition to moving to Flagstaff, Arizona

51:35- Being coached by Shayla Houlihan

54:10- Sharing her thoughts about the differences of being coached by male vs female coaches and she shares about some of the incredible coaches she has worked with

57:50- Emily’s big goals in running for the next few years

59:30- The mental training and tactics that she uses for races and training

1:02:40- When she will debut in the marathon

1:07:15- End of podcast questions

Show Notes:

Dark Sky Distance

Untamed – Glennon Doyle

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