Episode 82: Shayna Sangster- The Other Side of Fear

Shayna Sangster is the director of marketing for the Indiana Fever at Pacers Sports and Entertainment. She is also the owner of Just Ride Indy. She was a gymnast growing up and she ran track and field in college as a 400m hurdler. In this episode, we get to hear how growing up as a … more »

Episode 26: Jayne Havens – What you need to know about Toddler Sleep

Jayne Havens returns to the show- this time to talk about toddler sleep. Jayne is a certified sleep consultant through the institute of pediatric sleep and parenting. She works with families to help get their babies and kids sleeping better through her business Snoozefest by Jayne Havens! Jayne is also the founder of Pediatric Sleep … more »

Episode 307: Mel Charbonneau – You Have a Story to Tell

Mel Charbonneau has a gift of speaking encouragement into the lives of women and I’m certain she drops some truth today that you need to hear!  Mel is the co-founder of the popular women’s running community Fellow Flowers and she helps women own their story, identify what truly matters and make wholehearted decisions aligned with their core … more »


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