Episode 26: Jayne Havens – What you need to know about Toddler Sleep

Jayne Havens returns to the show- this time to talk about toddler sleep. Jayne is a certified sleep consultant through the institute of pediatric sleep and parenting. She works with families to help get their babies and kids sleeping better through her business Snoozefest by Jayne Havens! Jayne is also the founder of Pediatric Sleep Management where she trains other people to start their own businesses as sleep consultants.

In this episode Jayne and I discuss healthy sleep habits for toddlers, she talks about the amount the average toddler actually needs (which is much less than I realized). We also talk about what to do when the nap goes away, what to do when young kids crawl out of crib, agreements before bedtime and more. Anyone ever heard of a bedtime pass? This is a fun strategy Jayne implements with the bigger kids and I kind of love it!

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What we talked about:

3:45- The sleep challenges at different stages of a child’s life

5:00- Defining toddler years

6:30- When you should transition your child out of a crib into their own bed

8:20- What to do if your child starts crawling out of the crib at a young age

11:40- What to do when your child starts feeling scared sleeping alone

15:35- Cultivating a positive relationship with your kid’s sleep space

17:30- Strategies to help lessen the bedtime struggle with young kids

28:00- Strategy for taking away naps

35:20- Working with kids that have night terrors

37:55- Thoughts on melatonin

40:45- Thoughts on kids sleeping together in the same room

45:40- Creating a consistent bedtime routine and some ideas for bedtime incentives

51:10- The services that Jayne offers

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