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SandyBoy Productions creates personalized audio and social media advertisement spots for brands tailored specificially for a highly engaged and active audience across our range of shows.

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With more than 2.5 million downloads and 12,000 per week, a partnership with SandyBoy Productions allows you to promote your brand, product, or service through myriad channels.  

Podcast Advertising

SandyBoy creates custom audio campaigns that drive deeper connection and deliver on messaging. We work with brands to create unskippable audio ads that run across the SandyBoy network of shows. Our listener engagement delivers an unmatched advertising experience.

Social Media Advertising

SandyBoy understands that advertising is more than just audio or television. Connect with a growing and engaged community, and maximize the most of your advertising spend. A SandyBoy partnership enables you to deliver brand content in in an organic way for optimum ROI.

Voice Over Work

Bring a recognizable voice to your brand advertising or project. SandyBoy Productions hosts deliver professional voice overs that fit your deadlines and goals.

Sound interesting?

Since partnering with Lindsey in late 2017, we've seen a 450% return on the partnership! If that isn't successful, we don't know what is. Lindsey does a great job speaking authentically to her audience about the benefits of our product and her personal experience with our brand — and, her listeners have absolutely responded with increased traffic to our site and product purchases! Lily Trotters' partnership with Lindsey Hein is by far the most impactful of all of our current and previous relationships and one we plan to continue with well into the future.
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Casey Szeesze
Lily Trotters, Director of Operations & Engagement

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