Episode 113: Ali Flynn – Managing Expectations Over the Holidays

Ali Flynn is a writer and supporter specifically for moms of teens. She provides encouragement and inspiration for them. She has four daughters, two who are in college and two which are at home. We talk about adjusting our expectations when our kids are home from college, transitioning to raising older kids, parenting teenage girls, … more »

Episode 69: Esther Goetz – Moms of Bigs

Esther is the mother of four grown children and she runs the Instagram account Moms of Bigs. She will speak to your soul over on that page! She talks about giving our big kids the roots of unconditional love and the wings of freedom to be completely themselves. She comes to you with help, humor, … more »

Episode 67: Michelle Icard – Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen

Michelle Icard is a speaker, author and educator who helps kids, parents, and teachers navigate the complicated social world of early adolescence. Her newest book is Fourteen Talks By Age Fourteen. That guides readers between the fourteen essential conversations parents need to have with their kids before they start high school. It talks to you … more »


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