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Episode 535: Michael Johnson – 4x Olympic Gold Medalist & 8x World Champion on Building the Sport of Track and Field

This is a super exciting episode because I have wanted to have Michael Johnson on the podcast since I launched I’ll Have Another! Michael Johnson is a legend in the entire sports world. He is a sprinter who won four Olympic gold medals and eight world championship gold medals in the span of his career. … more »

Episode 182: Kenna Valdez – All things DIY and Home Decor, “Balancing” Motherhood and Running a Business, & Taking the Chance on Yourself

Kenna Valdez is joining me on the podcast today! Kenna is the creator behind the account @thefliphubb on Instagram. She is your resource for all things DIY, home flips, and furniture flips. So many cool things that she is doing over there including her new home that they had flipped, a house in the woods … more »


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