Episode 538: Briana Boehmer – 2:33 Marathon PR at the age of 42 on Entrepreneurship and Not Finding Your Worth in Your Accomplishments

Today, I’m joined by the wonderful Briana Boehmer. I had the incredible opportunity to interview Bri in Boston, she was part of a live panel that I hosted. She ran her first marathon at the age of 42 in a time of 2:33. That was her first standalone marathon. She has done several Ironmans. She has a 9:22 Ironman PR and a 4:21 Half Ironman PR. She has completed the Kona Ironman multiple times. She ran for CU in college and after pursuing professional running and realizing maybe that wasn’t gonna happen for her, she took a break from that and then ended up getting into Ironman. But in 2021 at the age of 42, she thought, I’m going to see what I can do in the marathon. She ran CIM, and set the master’s course record running that 2:33. She now runs for Oiselle.

Outside of running, she is passionate about mentoring and coaching. She is in the startup world, and she also teaches entrepreneurship courses. She serves as the COO of a forward-thinking local company and teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Boulder. She also serves on the board of directors for Startup Colorado. And she’s the co-founder of Goodie Bag Eats. It is the coolest way to make sure food at restaurants gets eaten and not wasted.

I love talking with Bri and I’m so grateful to know her.

What we talked about:

7:00- Catching up on all they did at the Boston Marathon weekend

11:30- Bri’s story

19:00- Coming back to running competitively after a break

27:15- The perspective that being in her 40s has brought her

36:00- Entreprenuership

50:00- Her business and own journey with entreprenuership

55:15- Where Bri is at in life

59:00- Racing Ironmans

1:13:00- Her partnership with Oiselle

1:19:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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