Episode 537: Camille Herron – Ultrarunning World Champion, Newest WR: 560 Miles in 6 Days

I am excited to bring you an episode today with Camille Herron. Camille is one of the greatest ultrarunners of all time. She’s a scientist, a coach, and an ambassador for the sport. She’s a four-time IAU International Runner of the Year and six-time USATF Ultrarunner of the Year. She is the only athlete who has won all of the IAU ultra road world championships: the 50K, 100K and the 24 hour race. She’s the first ultra runner to win both the prestigious Comrades Marathon and Spartathlon. And if that isn’t enough accolades, she has also set so many world and American records in ultra races! And she has set so many ultra world and American records. So many between 50 miles to six day records. Recently, she set a world record running in the Lululemon Further event. She completed 560 miles in six days – WOW! Before her ultrarunning career, she was a marathoner. She’s a three-time Olympic marathon trials qualifier.

Beyond all of her running accolades, she does so much for the sport. She has served on the USATF Women’s Long Distance Running Committee as a secretary since 2012 and was voted the 2021 Contributor of the Year. She’s a member of the Pro Trail Runners Association, serving as the women’s equality and anti-doping working groups.

In this episode, we talk about Camille’s experience running into her 40s, her experience with perimenopause, and how she’s able to run so far for so long.

What we talked about:

6:50- The half marathon that Camille raced

14:35- The Lululemon Further event

26:00- Menstrual health and perimenopause

36:10- What Camille is looking forward to this year

37:00- Her psychology in the sport

56:15- Being inducted into the distance running hall of fame

1:03:00- Reflections on her career and her impact on ultrarunning

1:15:40- End of podcast questions

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