Episode 536: Emma Kertesz – Bayshore Marathon Champion in a Big PR of 2:37

I am so excited to bring you an episode with Emma Kertesz! This is her second time on the podcast. Emma was first on the show back in 2019 for episode 215 (listen here!). Emma and I got to see each other at the Bayshore Marathon weekend which was amazing. Emma won the marathon and she had a big PR of three minutes and ran 2:37! Funny side story: I tripped over some cords as I saw her finishing the race because I was so excited to cheer her in.

Emma is originally from Ohio. She ran for the University of Toledo and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for both her high school and college teams. She also ran for Hanson’s Brooks for a while post collegiately.

Emma competed in the 2016 and the 2020 Olympic trials for the marathon. She’s had some ups and downs with injuries since then, and we talk about how she’s mentally handled her running and what to do with it. She works full-time as a director at an early childhood preschool, which is amazing. We get to hear about that job a little bit as well.

Emma trains with the track club, coached by Evan Schwartz in Boulder, Colorado. I loved hearing all about their team culture in this episode an the joy that Emma finds in training with the team!

What we talked about:

6:30- Her work as an director at a preschool

10:15- Recapping her race at the Bayshore Marathon

14:15- What her training looked like leading up to the race

22:50- Recapping the race

31:15- What’s next for Emma and chasing the OTQ

38:15- The Track Club team environment

40:45- How she feels about where she is at with her running career

52:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Emma on Episode 215

Emma on Instagram

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