Episode 534: Des Linden – Live at the Bayshore Marathon

This episode is my conversation with the one and only Des Linden. We recorded this live at the Bayshore Marathon Weekend in Traverse City, Michigan at the historic City Opera House. This was such a fun event and I was so grateful to sit down with Des for this live show!

Des does not really need an introduction here, I don’t think, but in case you don’t know Des, she is a two -time Olympian and she’s the 2018 Boston Marathon champion. She’s the author of the book, Choosing to Run. She’s run for Brooks for forever, pretty much. If I’ve got my stats right, I think she’s run 28 marathons. She’s run 11 Boston marathons. Des is truly an American distance running legend and definitely a fan favorite.

Des also hosts a podcast with Kara Goucher called Nobody Asked Us. It’s such a fun show so if you aren’t already listening – go check that out!!

What we talked about:

3:30- Recovering from her two spring marathons

6:15- What her summer ahead looks like

8:30- Nobody Asked Us Podcast with Kara

11:30- Supershoes

13:45- Remaining dedicated to the sport so long into her career

17:55- Encouraging other athletes in the sport

22:00- Placing 4th at the 2020 Olympic Trials in the marathon

23:50- Running the masters record

28:00- The 2011 Boston Marathon

31:00- What winning the Boston Marathon means to her

33:20- Running her own race

35:30- What Des is excited about right now

37:40- Advice for the marathon

40:00- Looking up to Deena Kastor in the marathon

41:40- Des’ dogs

44:45- Advice for people just starting their pro career

49:00- Des’ relationship with the sport

56:25- Des’ 50k World Record

1:01:25- Shifting her goals as she grows in the sport

Show notes:

Nobody Asked us With Kara and Des

Choosing to Run

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