Episode 532: Amy Yoder Begley – 2008 Olympian, USATF Associate Director of Long Distance Running Programs, and Founder of the Heartland Track Club

Amy Yoder Begley is a 2008 Olympian where she ran the 10,000m in Beijing. She now works for USATF as the Associate Director of Long Distance Running Programs. She moved to Indiana to work for USATF after coaching for the Atlanta Track Club since 2014. Along with her position at USATF she is also a mentor for the Heartland Track Club which is a new team based out of Indianapolis. In this episode, we talk all about her dreams for that new team and it sounds super exciting! We also talk about her own running career with the Nike Oregon Project. 

Amy is doing so many really amazing things with her career and I loved hearing all about Amy’s endeavors!

What we talked about:

7:30- Her role at USATF
16:30- Her own frustrations as an athlete and how that guides her in her current role

20:00- Qualifications standards in the marathon

30:00- Amy’s own running career

45:00- Her own coaching and the Heartland Track Club

56:35- What’s ahead for Amy

58:35- Reflecting on the Olympics

1:03:25- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Grown Woman Talk

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