Episode 530: Jenny Simpson – From World Champion in the 1500m to the Boston Marathon

Today on the podcast, my guest is Jenny Simpson, who just ran the Boston Marathon. She ran 2:31 and was the fourth American and 18th place over all. And this was just 10 weeks after a disappointing Olympic marathon trials where she made the decision to step out of the race at mile 18. We cover that at the end of the podcast. Jenny is a world-class 1500 meter runner. She ran at CU, was sponsored by New Balance for 12 years. She’s now sponsored by Puma. Some of her accomplishments include a gold medal at the world championships, multiple silver medals, a win at a diamond league, a 2016 bronze medal in the 1500 at the Olympics in Rio. And in this episode, we talk about what it was like to decide to run a marathon and to become a marathoner after grinding at the 1500 for so many years and being so good at that distance. Jenny has a lot of wisdom and advice to give us in this episode about what it looks like to try something new and different and also what it looks like to walk through a so-called failure and to get back up and try again. I always feel like I learn so much from Jenny and she’s just got this very honest, authentic and genuine way that she has conversations and it’s such an honor to have her back on the show. Enjoy this episode!




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