Episode 528: Live at Boston – Fast Girls with Kara Goucher

This conversation was SO much fun. I co-hosted a live panel with Kara Goucher and Oiselle at the Boston Marathon on Saturday. This is Fast Girls Live. Oiselle is excited to empower the rising generation of women in sport and this was such a cool opportunity for these young girls to share their stories and for Kara to join in the conversation as well. This event benefited Girls on the Run Greater Boston. Girls on the Run is a nonprofit that helps design evidence-based, fun programs to inspire girl empowerment by building confidence, kindness, and decision-making skills.

I had the opportunity to become friends with Kara when she was a part of our Relay podcast and I just so appreciate everything that she does for the sport. She is an honest and relatable voice and she will stand up for what she believes in while encouraging the next generation.

In this conversation, Kara and I talked to five high school girls that are doing incredible things in this sport! They all live in the Boston area.

This conversation left me feeling like our sport is in good hands! Thank you to Oiselle, Girls on the Run, and Kara for this conversation!!!

Show notes:

Girls on the Run Greater Boston

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