Episode 177: Jess Ekstrom – Getting More Women Behind the Mic

Jess Ekstrom is on the podcast today! Jess is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She started her own business in college after an internship at Make a Wish. She founded Headbands for Hope where they deliver headbands to kids with illnesses. They have now donated millions of headbands to kids around the country and world.

Jess is now the author of Chasing the Bright Side. She is also the author of the #1 children’s journal on Amazon, Create Your Bright Ideas.

She has a speaking course called Mic Drop Workshop where she empowers women to get on stages and speak and tell their stories. Only 32% of speakers are women so she is on a mission to get more women on stage and get paid to do it!

I found Jess on Instagram from her children’s book and fell in love with her work! I’ve now taken her speaking course and love it!

What we talked about:

4:30- Introduction to Jess’ work

10:50- The shift in public speaking post-pandemic

14:10- Not having it all figured out even when you are speaking on a topic

18:05- Where to even start when writing a speech

20:45- Having confidence with public speaking

26:00- The impact of social media

32:00- Simplifying your life and systems

41:00- Jess’ books

43:00- Chasing positivity

47:25- Her impact from her parents as entrepreneurs

51:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Mic Drop Workshop

Jess’ Books

Book recommendations:

Generation Anxiety

The Rabbit Listened

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