Episode 176: Jessica Saunders – Author of Love, Me (February’s Book Club Pick!!)

This episode is a little bit different, it’s a book club episode! I am doing a monthly book club. I am a big reader myself and I thought why not do a book club!? The book that we read for February was Love, Me by Jessica Saunders! Jessica was able to join us for the book club and it was so much fun to have the author join our conversation! This book was such a fun, engaging read!

Jessica is a lawyer by trade and she has had a lifelong love for reading and writing. In the spring of 2021, she experienced an unthinkable loss of one of her close friends and that encouraged her to go after writing and doing what she loves!

Jessica was so much fun to talk to and it was great to learn about her life, how she became an author, and writing the book! We finish off with a fun listener Q&A!

Please note that this conversation does have some spoilers!!

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What we talked about:

4:30- Writing her debut novel, Love, Me

8:30- Her writing experience before this novel

12:40- Talking about the book

22:20- Details of writing the book

25:35- Looking at her life as a lawyer and author

27:50- Being drawn to certain characters as an author

30:20- Listener questions

50:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Jessica’s Website

Love, Me

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Book suggestions:

The Women by Kristin Hannah

Listen for the Lie

The Astrology House

Dark Matter

Then She Was Gone

Pretty Girls

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