Episode 175: Michelle Dempsey-Multack – Become the Best Co-Parent; Putting the Child First in the Divorce Process

I’m excited to be joined by Michelle Dempsey-Multack on the podcast today. She is a certified divorce and coparenting specialist, a bestselling author, and a top one percent podcaster known for her ability to inspire and empower moms through their divorce and coparenting journeys!

This isn’t a topic that I talk about a lot because it is not something that I have ever walked through or plan to walk through but I think it is such an important topic. There really is so much in this episode that she discusses that can help us all be better parents.

Her passion for keeping the kids at the center and putting the children first while not pulling them into the middle of the mess has helped thousands of women find permission to move on confidently.

If this is something that you are walking through, Michelle has so many great resources to lean on. ❤️

What we talked about:

3:20- Introduction to Michelle’s work

7:30- Advice for parents that are divorced/coparenting

11:30- Communicating to your kids about the divorce

17:20- Healthy coparenting

25:40- Introduction new partners post-divorce

36:10- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Michelle’s website

Elin Hildebrand’s books

Don’t Alienate the Kids

Moms Moving On

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