Episode 173: Keli Reese

Keli Reese joins us today and is full of joy, truth, and laughs! She is from Indianapolis and the mom of five. She is a on a mission to help moms replace the ick of guilt with fulfillment and joy. Keli does this as the founder and speaker for Ministry in Mothering. 

In this episode, we talk about consequences and discipline and how you have to do it all differently for different kids! I took this hour to see if Keli could walk me through one of my current parenting struggles, and she delivered!!

I really think that you are going to walk away from this episode with a smile because Keli does everything with so much joy!!

What we talked about:

00:30- Catching up with Keli

5:20- Disciplining our kids

15:15- How to discipline each of our kids differently

23:00- Birthday celebrations

26:55- Parenting talk

39:00- Leaving her teaching career

44:50- Her church experience and raising her kids in the church

Show notes:

Sis, Take a Breath

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