Episode 519: Conner Mantz and Clayton Young – Top Two at the Olympic Marathon Trials as Teammates!

I’m here with another post Olympic Trials Marathon episode. Conner Mantz and Clayton Young join me today after finishing top two at the Olympic Trials! They ran the whole race together and are teammates – it was so much fun to watch!!

I loved talking to them about training together and making the team together! They both ran for BYU and now train together post collegiately in Utah with Coach Ed Eyestone! They were the only two with the Olympic standard in the race. We dove into that in this episode and how that third Olympic spot can be unlocked so Leonard Korir can go to the Olympics!

Conner is sponsored by Nike and has a marathon PR of 2:07:47 which he ran in Chicago last year! Clayton is sponsored by Asics and has a marathon PR of 2:08 that he also ran at Chicago this past year. He is also the father of two.

I had so many questions about their family life and faith life. I can’t wait to see what these two do in Paris this year!

What we talked about:

4:00- Recapping the race

21:00- Talking about unlocking that third spot for the men’s marathon

26:00- Their training group

29:00- What it feels like to now be top in the sport

34:10- Clayton’s journey as a father while training professionally

36:00- Taking Sundays off

39:00- Their mission trips

50:00- Going in with pressure to perform

56:20- Finding joy in racing

1:01:40- Watching Fiona win in her debut

1:04:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

The Bomber Mafia


Why We Sleep

Running for My Life – Lopez Lomong

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