Episode 171: Dr. Raquel Martin – Thriving through Connection; Family, Mental Health, and Empowerment

Today I am joined by Dr. Raquel Martin. She is a clinical psychologist and a professor at Tennessee State University. She is the mother of two and a mentor. She helps black women navigate racism, gender bias, and oppression. She embraces the importance of protecting our mental health. Clients and students alike attest that Dr. Martin’s accessible approach to mental health is much-needed and critical to building a movement of proactive and empowered individuals who value the relationship with themselves first and understand how to truly thrive. 

In this conversation, we get to know Dr. Raquel Martin, we talk about raising family in community and undoing things from our own childhood. She shares about her career, how she feels about church, we talk about talking to our kids about racism, and more.

I really enjoyed talking to Dr. Raquel and I hope that you enjoy this conversation just as much!

What we talked about:

3:20- Getting to know Dr. Raquel

6:00- Communally raising families

7:40- Undoing things from your childhood

17:00- Nobody is mad at you

20:40- Her career

25:00- Two things can be true

34:40- Church

42:35- Racism and talking to our kids about racism

1:05:20- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Dr. Raquel Martin’s Website

Dr. Raquel’s podcast: iTunesSpotify, and YouTube

Dr. Raquel’s online community

Black Women Writers at Work

Marriage Be Hard

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