Episode 515: Sara Hall – The Joy of Racing; 5th at the Olympic Trials Marathon, Her 8th Olympic Trials in 20 Years

So excited for ANOTHER Olympic Marathon Trials recap episode with one of my favorites, Sara Hall! Sara is an incredible athlete and human being. She was actually one of the very first guests that I ever had on the podcast. She was all the back on episode 7, 8 years ago!!

Sara just placed fifth at the Olympic Marathon Trials a few weeks ago. This was her 8th Olympic Trials. Isn’t that wild?! 20 years ago she ran in her first Olympic Trials in 2004 in the 5000m. Here’s her Olympic Trials progression: in 2004 she ran the 5000m, in 2008 she ran the 1500m, in 2012 she ran the steeplechase, in 2016 she ran both the marathon trials and the 5000m, in 2020 she ran both the 10,000m and the marathon trials, and then this year she ran the marathon trials.

Sara is one of the hardest working humans on the planet! We all knew that Sara was going to go for it and put every ounce of effort into making that team. That’s why that 5th place finish is so heartbreaking for her and she says that this one hurts the worst in all of the trials that she has competed in. But I love that Sara is always willing to wear her heart on her sleeve and share the ups and the downs. She has had SO much success in her career with national championships, a second place finish at the London Marathon, and third place at the Chicago Marathon. She has also had a lot of heartbreak in the sport but she keeps getting back up and trying and getting after it!

She ran a 2:26:06 at this past race which is a new masters American Record! I love her answer when I ask her about running this record!

Sara is sponsored by Asics, married to Ryan Hall, and the mom of four!

What we talked about:

3:40- How Sara is doing

5:10- What this race meant to her

7:10- Withdrawing from the Houston half

9:05- Recapping the Olympic Marathon Trials race

14:50- Her mindset crossing the finish line

21:15- What she wanted her kids to take away from her dedication to the sport

24:30- Getting the most out of her running career

26:20- Enjoying the craft of running

27:50- Her training heading into this race

29:00- Breaking the Masters American Record and what being a masters runner means to her

32:00- Her relationship with her husband, Ryan, as her coach

37:25- Advocating to move the start time of the race with the heat

39:45- Being a mentor in the sport

43:45- Managing her emotions after this race

46:10- What’s next for Sara

47:15- Her best race to date

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