Episode 514: Andrea Pomaranski – 27th at the Olympic Trials – Masters Runner and Mom on Resiliency and Dreams

Andrea Pomaranski joins me today after her Olympic Marathon Trials race on Saturday! Andrea has the most inspiring story ever and I am just SO excited to share my conversation with her.

Andrea placed 27th at the Olympic Trials in a time of 2:34. She was one of a few masters runners out there at the trials. She is also a 50k World Silver Medalist!! Wow! She has qualified for three Olympic Trials. She got into marathoning after taking NINE years off of competitive running.

Andrea was an All-American in college. She is grew up in a very athletic family. All four of her and her siblings competed in D1 Athletics.

She is the mom of three. Andrea has a story that her parenthood journey started in a very tragic way, losing her first two babies who were premature twins. She tells this story in the episode and how it has shaped how she views chasing her dreams. She has gone through so much in life and her strength and resilience is very clear in this episode.

I am walking away from this episode with an incredible quote – “focus less on your fear and more on your dreams.” I hope we can all walk away with this from this episode.

Enjoy my conversation with Andrea! 😊

What we talked about:

6:00- Recapping her race

8:00- Being a masters runner

9:15- Her running background

13:15- Her experience with losing her twins

19:35- Thoughts to share with NICU parents

21:45- Her family

25:00- Recapping her Olympic trials race

35:00- Having belief in herself and taking risks in life and sport

42:00- Parenting and youth sports

47:50- Strength training

49:20- Running the Houston Marathon before the Olympic Trials

51:50- Her silver medal at the World 50k Champs

53:50- What’s next for Andrea

55:15- Previnex

56:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Book recommendations:

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Goodnight Library

The Alchemist

Man’s Search for Meaning

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